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Booking an Appointment

You can book an appointment over phone, ahead of time or even same day, based on availability. We always have a few walk-in spots available for patients, which is available based on first come first serve.

Test Results, Prescription Renewals, Specialist Referrals, etc.

Please be advised you need to book an appointment to review your test results, renew your prescription, or get a new or follow up specialist referral. We do not provide these or any other medical services through phone, fax, or email.

You can see most of your lab results, performed at lifelabs, on www.myehealth.ca

Insurance Coverage

If you have a valid MSP card, your visit is free of charge. Otherwise, there is a fee for your visit. Please contact the clinic and talk to one of our MOAs regarding the fees.

International Visitors, Tourists, and International Students

We are proud to provide medical services to you, as well. Please contact the clinic and talk to one of our MOAs regarding the visit fees. You will be provided with a receipt and visit note, to be reimbursed from your insurance, depending on your coverage.

Non-Insured Services

There are services that MSP will not cover therefore, there is a fee for these services.

The list includes but not limited to:

Note for school or work

Driver’s Medical

Medicals for Employment, School, Sports, Insurance, etc.

Completion of any type of form for an organization such as Work, School, Insurance companies, EI, etc.

Treatment of non-cancerous skin growths

For specific fee, related to your request, please consult our MOAs.