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COVID-19 Testing

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We Provide COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic patients such as for travel purposes. To book and appointment please either book online through our booking system or call our clinic at 604-428-8313


COVID-19 NAAT/PCR Test + Certificate from our doctor: $285 + GST (5%)

COVID-19 serum Antibody Test: $125 + GST (5%)

COVID-19 NAAT/PCR Test + serum Antibody Test + Certificate from our doctor: $410 + GST (5%)

Timing for COVID-19 NAAT/PCR Test:

The turnaround time is usually less than 24hr but it is not guaranteed as it depends on how busy Lifelabs is.

Procedure for the tests and obtaining the results:

COVID-19 NAAT/PCR Test: Nasal swab is collected by our expert doctors and sample will be sent to Lifelabs. The result will be ready usually within 24hr (please see above) and will be sent to you along with the doctor certificate, electronically.

COVID-19 serum Antibody Test: You will be directed to one of the Lifelabs locations to collect the blood sample. The result will be sent to you electronically.